EdQuarter Engage

This page has been prepared to help you get the most out of EdQuarter Engage. If you have any additional questions please contact your account manager or a member of the wider EdQuarter team.

EdQuarter Engage is an integrated digital marketing solution which has been designed to help support  professional communication between our readership of educational end-users and the companies who provide product and solution to the education sector.

This is a complete and multi-tiered digital approach to professional communication which offers a clear and transparent mechanism for content dissemination, thought-leadership and brand engagement.

To help you get the most from this opportunity, please take your time to review the information in the tabs on the left.

Things to consider

While we encourage you to build your SEO strategy and online presence through our platform, we ask that the primary goal behind your content creation should be to deliver ‘quality’. It is important to know your intended audience, be clear who you are writing for, and build your content to reach your desired demographic.

Through training, analysis and experience we have found that there are many SEO ‘tricks and techniques’ can drive views to your pages, but our core objective is not to attract a million hits to your content, rather for your content to reach and inform genuine educational end-users and help initiate valuable conversations for all stakeholders. To this end we would ask you to create content that provides expert knowledge, considered opinion and/or industry insight – make it detailed and informative.

Content must be well-written in terms of style and accuracy and we reserve the right to remove any content that could be damaging to our brand or could be deemed as inappropriate. This may include, but is not limited to: promoting illegal or ethically questionable activity, pornography, racism and gambling.

If you are unsure whether your content is appropriate or not, or have had content amended or removed by us and are unclear why, please contact your account manager for clarification.

Please contact your account manager for additional clarity on content creation and ask how we can support you on building a bespoke SEO and keyword strategy.

Getting the most from SEO

There are a number of elements that can affect the SEO performance of your content. Behind the scenes we have worked hard to build a best-in-class infrastructure that offers a genuine opportunity for your content to referenced and ranked in search engines. This means that you can focus on creating great content and allow us to carry much of the heavy lifting that’s required for good SEO performance.

For those that are looking for a competitive edge or even more visibility, Here are a few SEO best practice ideas that you could consider before posting:

1. Basic SEO elements to be integrated:

  • Title Optimization
    • Think about your title. You want to be honest, concise and punchy. This may be ranked in search engines and should compel a reader to want to know more.
  • Body Content optimization
    • Please refer to the ‘Creating your post’ tab
  • Links Management
    • Please include links that will support the content and help to assist the reader find more information.

2. Keywords.

  • Consider the Keyword relevancy, search volume and competition
    • Keywords are only useful if it supports the content. There are many online tools available that will advise on on the popularity of a Keyword.
    • If you make your keyworded content specific, unique and relevant it will have a better chance of driving more relevant traffic to you page. Remember, fifty good page engagements is more useful than a hundred unengaged.
  • Consider integrating short-tail keywords, long-tail keywords, and branded keywords focusing on target audience
  • Target keyword should appear no more than one to two times per 100 words.
    • Repetition of words can make content difficult to read. Keyword Density Maximum 1-2%

3. Structure of the Post – Title| Stand first| Main Message | Summary Conclusion

4. Internal Linking & Hyperlinks

  • Main Focused Search Terms to be hyperlinked to the relevant internal pages.
  •  Hyperlinks should be used to support the commentary

5. Creating sharable content

  • Creating sharable content is the quickest way to gain genuine engagement. Think about embedding images, rich media, social and infographics

Creating your posts

When putting together your copy, remember that you must include:

Headline: Try to keep your headline clear and concise. As a rule of thumb remember that it is advantageous for your headline to remain within 10 words. This may be the first thing that many of your readers will see.

Standfirst: The standfirst sits beneath the headline and should offer an understanding of what your article contains. This is often used to offer a light summary or  pose a question that your article will later answer.

Copy: A typical article consists of approx. 600 words and an average user spends over 2 minutes on each page. Please note that this is an average and the length of the content should be dictated by the quality of what you are creating.

Rich media: Rich media is classified as any digital content that encourages further engagement with your content. We recommend that you link or embed video, social posts or other digital content that might support your narrative. Please do not create or request links that detract from the user experience.

To help you check the popularity of keywords we have linked a few third party websites which may help point you in the right direction.

If you are struggling or need a little assistance in putting your articles together, please feel free to speak to your account manager for advice or to explore our copy writing solutions.

Building your Brand profile

Your brand image is important and your EdQuarter brand profile page should be used to support and help build a body of content which reinforces this business identity.

You will need:

  • Hero banner 980px x 100px
  • Company logo (png)
  • Links to your social media channels
  • 100 word business description
  • Email address to receive enquiries
  • Minimum of 2 articles

You’ll also need to include links to your social media:

Social media links: 

  • Website:  
  • Twitter:  
  • LinkedIn:  
  • Facebook:  
  • YouTube:

Once complete, your brand profile page will be an aggregator of content. Every article that you produce will feed into this page and, over time, will prove to become a useful engagement and information resource.

This is important to help introduce you to new opportunities, give advice to end-users who are looking for understanding of your specific product or solution and by following this approach, we have been able to demonstrate a significant improvement in SEO and your search engine rankings

Social media and newsletter

It is the EdQuarter Exchange partnership’s objective to help advise and support your messaging and to deliver relevant content to the correct audience at the right time. While our organic channels pull millions of users onto our websites each year, we will also be proactively looking to work with you to help you share your content beyond our website readership.

Once a month, if you have produced an article that you’d like to further promote, please contact your account manager who will help share your content across our organic social channels and include coverage in regular newsletter updates.

For options on how to push your messaging beyond this audience, please ask about our content marketing solutions.