Understanding Education

These are the results and finding of our survey, seeking to discover how those involved in education consume information, what information they seek and perhaps offer a better understanding of their prefered communication medium and delivery channels.

We hope that these results can help educational institutions to understand communication behaviours within the industry and equally help guide the communication choices of the supporting vendors and suppliers.

The results

What sector of education are you most interested in?

Secondary (State)
Secondary (private)
Higher Educaton
Further Education

Which areas of education are of most interest to you?

  • Government policy
  • Syllabus and curriculum
  • Best practice/case studies
  • Technology
  • Procurement
  • Support services

What are your favourite sources of information?

  • Printed magazines and periodicals
  • Online research journals
  • Special interest websites
  • Education authority publications
  • Blogs and social media
  • Industry events