Editorial schedule

Our regular content includes profile interviews with senior leadership figures, international trend reporting and in-depth news analysis. These are driven by current affairs and cannot be planned in advance. However, we are happy to provide details nearer the time.

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  • Deadline: 29th July 2019

    September: Accessibility

    Roundtable – Accessibility What progress has been made on behalf of accessibility provision for disabled students? How much more is left to...

  • Deadline: 26th August 2019

    October: Student experience

    Profile: Steve West, UWE The Bristol university’s vice-chancellor explains his unique background and approach to the student experience Roundtable – Waste Management...

  • Deadline: 23rd September 2019

    November: Marketing

    Roundtable – Procurement From architects to fruit and veg, what’s the right model for procurement? Frameworks, or a bespoke model? Student Accommodation...

  • Deadline: 25th October 2019

    December: Year in review

    The 2020 Review A round-up of the best advice, wisdom and guidance from our profiles, roundtables and features Roundtable – Year in...

  • Deadline: 25th November 2019

    January 2020: Year in prospect

    Roundtable – Year in Prospect What are the challenges and opportunities Marketing The latest developments in digital and offline marketing across universities....

  • Deadline: 23rd December 2019

    February 2020: Recruitment and retention

    Building the Future How striking campus and building design can attract new students, both at home and abroad Roundtable – Virtual recruitment...

  • Deadline: 27th January 2020

    March 2020: Edtech

    Digital libraries How are learning resources shifting to an online world, and where do we go from here? Roundtable – Data Management...

  • Deadline: 24th February 2020

    April 2020: Estates

    Roundtable – Running complex estates We talk to the estate management stakeholders wrestling with multiple campuses and competing demands Big Builds Showcase...

  • Deadline: 30th March 2020

    May 2020: Money

    Roundtable – Cost of ICT How can universities keep a tight rein on their ICT expenses while still offering students the best...

  • Deadline: 27th April 2020

    June 2020: Facilities

    Campus security From the physical to the digital, the battle for campus security now has to be fought on multiple levels Roundtable...

  • Deadline: 25th May 2020

    July 2020: Sustainability

    Roundtable – Sustainability How is the sector addressing today’s major sustainability challenges? Joined-up Technology Exploring the increasingly essential quest to deliver a...

  • Deadline: 29th June 2020

    August 2020: Clearing

    Roundtable – Clearing How effective is today’s clearing system, for both universities and students? EdTech Pedagogy is riding in the slipstream of...

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